James Barrett

James Barrett

Job Title: Assistant Director, Model Risk Management

Company: AIG

James Barrett (Jim) earned his expertise applying information technology for the airline industry, internet content delivery, fixed income valuation and now insurance risk management. The thread that runs through all these adventures is the sourcing, transforming and distributing of information.

Always constant in his career is applying information technology to yield a human payoff whether it be improvements in productivity, transparency, intelligence, collaboration or speed; all delivered in an interface that is hopefully easier to use. He brings to model risk management a focus that is data flow-centric  because model risk is only risk when it goes somewhere;  and visualizing measurable data quality going into a model and the propagation of model risk downstream to other models and applications and end users brings to light all the tough questions. 

Jim has an MBA in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business and a BS from Auburn University, School of Engineering.

Speaking at the following:

2:05 - 2:45
Analytical infrastructure – the next frontier of model risk management

Next step in the evolution of MRM Infrastructure investment and architectural design in the context of  the networked analytical engines of the firm Information circuit design at the firm level that addresses the fundamental strategic goals of the firm