Workshop 3: Conduct Risk – what does it mean for global financial services?

Time: 09.00 - 5.00
On: Post-Conference Workshops - 11/11/2016

led by Rajat Baijal, Head of Enterprise Risk, CANTOR

8:30 Registration and breakfast

9:00 Introduction and evolution of conduct risk

  • What does conduct risk mean?
  • Is it a brand new concept?
  • Key Industry events which have significantly influenced the concept
  • Is it a subset of operational risk?

10:30 Morning coffee break

11:00 Why is managing conduct risk critical for a firm’s Board?

  • Regulatory expectations
  • Customer impact and reputational damage
  • What does the Board need to know?
  • Good conduct risk MI

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Defining and monitoring conduct risk

  • Conduct risk appetite
  • Key Risk Indicators to monitor conduct risk
  • When to escalate?
  • How to quantify the impact?

3:00 Afternoon coffee break

3:30 Emerging trends

  • Implement a ‘cohesive’ approach to conduct risk management while driving efficiencies
  • How risk and compliance should work together to implement a robust framework
  • Key future trends

5:00 End of workshop

Conduct Risk is arguably one of the most topical issues facing the financial services industry. Spanning across investment, retail and corporate banking, conduct risk questions the very foundation of management behaviour and organisational culture. Recent incidents include the LIBOR fixing scandal and FX rigging resulting in numerous fines across multiple jurisdictions.


This workshop will focus on the concept in detail while focusing on the following areas: –

  • What is conduct risk? How does it apply to financial services?
  • How do you measure conduct risk? How do you address subjectivity and cognitive bias?
  • What can we learn from the recent case studies?
  • How can firms evidence robust embedding of a conduct risk framework?
  • What are the key challenges for the future?